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Naše hospoda Machnáč Sport Pub

Naše hospoda Machnáč Pub situated along the Danube River at the address Nábrežie L. Svobodu 42 in the vicinity of the La Franconi Bridge and about 400 meters from the Botanical Gardens, will win your favor by a very friendly atmosphere, good beer Staropramen and tasty food. Capacity of the pub is designed for 400 guests, also it has a summer terrace for 100 people and a salon or separate lounge for 20 persons. It is suitable for watching sports events, has several satellite TV, video projector, screen, wireless Internet, pool tables, table football, darts, etc. In addition to gathering with friends at beer or good wine provides daily meals and refreshments for families with children visiting the zoo or botanical garden. The premises of our pub - restaurant also allow gastronomy services of large tourist groups and sports groups. It is possible to arrange the company parties, family celebrations, seminars, meetings etc. here. Own parking place. Photos show surroundings of the pub and its interior.

Come to us, we look forward to your visit!

Naše hospoda Machnáč, Nábr. L. Svobodu 42, 811 02 Bratislava, Slovakia
Tel: 00421-2 - 5443 0895, Mobile:. 421 911 412 253
Opening hours
o. - Thu..: 10:00 - 23:30
Fr.: 10:00AM - 12:00PM
11:00AM - 12:00PM
Su.: 11:00AM - 11:00PM

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Machnáč Sport Pub

Summer terrace of the Machnáč Sport Pub

Machnáč Sport Pub - interior 01
Machnáč Sport Pub - interior 02 Machnáč Sport Pub - interior 03
Machnáč Sport Pub - interior 04 Machnáč Sport Pub - interior 05
Machnáč Sport Pub - interior 06 Machnáč Sport Pub - interior 07
Machnáč Sport Pub - interior 08 Machnáč Sport Pub - interior 09
Machnáč Sport Pub - interior 10 - 12

Machnáč Sport Pub - salon, photo 01

Machnáč Sport Pub - salon, photo 02

Machnáč Sport Pub - interior 13
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